A generalists in the Human Resources field we can help you with multiple aspects of your small businesses staffing process from start to finish, leaving you to do what you do best and look after your customers.


With years of experience we can advise on and carry out the process of recruitment,  prepare documentation such as job descriptions and person specifications, advertising and can carry out the initial shortlisting and selection process with your candidates on your behalf before inviting candidates to interview.

Lightway Services can also help organise and take part in the interviews in order to offer an objective perspective of your candidates.

Performance Management

In order to get the best out of your employees Lightway can advise and implement performance management processes.

A performance management process can help identify skills within your business and to highlight gaps in your employees skills, which, when identified, could aid in the growth of your business and major improvements in efficiency.

Employee Relations

As a small business it is vital that you can retain those employees that offer you the most value and loyalty. You may be struggling to retain loyal employees and find yourself on a cycle of recruitment which will undoubtedly waste valuable resources and energy which would be better used elsewhere in your business.

Lightway Services can evaluate your processes and offer guidance and strategies where improvements can be made to improve your employee relations and retention.

These are just a few areas of Lightway expertise, but as HR generalists we are well positioned to adapt to your operational needs. Please do get in touch if you need assistance with any other aspects of Human Resources! 

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